Young Bosses In Business

Meet Sariah and Ariella Morgan, two young sister entrepreneurs who are the brains behind Young Bosses In Business. Sariah, aged 14, is the CEO of iAH Beauty, and 7-year-old Ariella is the CEO of Bossari Kids. Together, they created YBIB to provide a platform for young entrepreneurs aged 6 to 19 to showcase their products and connect with other kid bosses while receiving support from the community.

Sariah and Ariella noticed that young entrepreneurs like themselves weren't getting the recognition and support they deserved. They saw many pop-up shop events for adults but none for kids, which inspired them to create YBIB. Their goal extends beyond providing a space for selling products; they are dedicated to educating young people aged 6 to 19, with a particular focus on BIPOC and underrepresented youth, on leadership, professional development, and essential life skills. Through their foundation, they use their creativity and passion to provide a fun and engaging learning experience for kids worldwide.

Sariah and Ariella consider youth leadership to be the guiding principle within the YBIB organization. They firmly believe in placing young people in the driver's seat, allowing them to shape and lead YBIB's initiatives. YBIB provides a platform for young leaders and entrepreneurs to showcase their skills and talents while receiving mentorship from experienced professionals in their respective fields. By offering leadership opportunities, we empower them to take ownership of their ideas, develop essential skills, and become powerful agents of positive change. 

Join them on their journey to empower young entrepreneurs and create future leaders!

"Not only Adults can be bosses, but we kids can be bosses too!" - Sariah & Ariella. 


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